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Tusked Dragon Priest mask theory

So I recently was awarded the Tusked Dragon Priest mask from the Scalecaller crown crate, and it looks incredibly similar to Miraak's mask in the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC. The official game description is as follows:
"This is a replica of what Dragon Cult scholars call the "Tusked" Dragon Priest Mask. Though it's been seen in certain ancient engravings, to date no historian has been able to identify it with a specific ancient Dragon Priest."
I think this could be a nod to the fact that Miraak disappeared way back during the Dragon War in the Merethic Era, and once the Dragonborn in ESV starts asking about him, nobody seems to remember who he is, like he was forgotten either through the passage of time or by daedric influence.
Thoughts? :)
  • Eporem
    I think you are right in that it is a nod to Miraak, as the masks are so very similar, though not sure how much is known in this era of ESO of Miraak and when he began wearing this mask.
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    I feel like it's definitely a Miraak reference, because they're so similar on the face.

    It's also possible that this mask style represented something else — Solstheim dragon priests, affiliation with Daedra, affiliation with Hermaeus Mora, loyalty to Miraak, or a certain time period. Miraak's mask could have been completely one-of-a-kind, or he simply could have been wearing a particular style of mask that others used, too. It could even be a Daedric artifact, that many have worn :0

    The ancient engravings could have also depicted a prophecy about someone who wore a mask that looked like that, fulfilled by Miraak who crafted the mask believing himself to be the prophetical figure. Would be cool to know more about them.
    in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
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