Furnishing Breakdowns?

I was wondering what everyone thought about being able to break down furniture?

I personally think this would be a great added feature, but I don’t know if it’s been discussed before. I have so much furniture that I want to get rid of due to storage constraints, but I find that I horde it because I spent materials making it. It’s not worth much in the guild store, and even less at a merchant.

I just thought it would be great if I could deconstruct it and get some mats back.

  • Phanex
    I've suggested it before, some liked it, others hated it.

    I don't see any reason why not to really. Especially if you made the wrong item or you don't need it anymore. I'd rather break it down for some usable parts rather than putting it in a chest/toon/bank/house to collect dust.
  • CaffeinatedMayhem
    I think we should be able to decon crafted furnishings, given how expensive some of the materials are.

    I do not think we should be able to break down bound furnishings. However, I'm sure the devs considered this, and why it wasn't added, I don't know.
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