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Skill freezes and animation freezes.

So, I'm trying to try out some different rotations on a dummy. I have absolutely no lag, steady 80 ms which is usual for me.

Very frequently, when I bar swap or try to use certain abilities, my character just stands there. Often, the ability simply won't activate even if I keep trying to click on it, and I need to bar swap before it will let me use it again. This happens the most with Winter's Revenge. Trying to get a good rotation feels very clunky and broken.

What's going on? Can't see any other obvious posts about this but not really sure what the issue is called or what to search for.
  • Altyrann
    Seeing exactly the same here. PC EU.
  • UppGRAYxDD
    It’s a new feature in the ESO Get GUD Premonition Edition... you gotta plan your attacks and defense 5 secs in advance due to the latency...
    "Stendarr's mercy be upon you, for the vigil has none to spare."
  • Skullderic
    Its not lagg, Skill aren't working good for me either. Not casting, Bar switch freezing. skill going off 3-4 sec after clicking.

    There's a lot of times when it does it, seems like its trying to crash to, way to many crashes going on.

    Zos, Fix~ PC-NA...
    Gert Soem!!
  • Jaimeh
    I've had the bar freeze happening in the new update, basically my character was stuck to one bar for minutes and couldn't bar swap, it was so much fun when it happened in a trial fight... :/
  • Alienoutlaw
    have had the same issue for months now, mostly when casting ground ability then try to heavy attack
  • eovogtb16_ESO
    It's not lag some skills like eruption or speak shard or lightning flood simply won't cast until you spam the skill multiple times. It's a problem from after this patch and everyone I have to talked to in my endgame trials guilds has the issue.
    Edited by eovogtb16_ESO on March 2, 2020 10:32AM
  • relentless_turnip
    I was getting this before the patch in a keep with ALOT of people present like 2-4 full zergs duking it out...

    I now get this in PVP everywhere... even did a BG on Saturday and had a delay on skills or they wouldn't fire at all.
    It was better last night though, So it probably is still effected by server traffic and population....
  • Titain
    Is really fun in a Battle Ground match. You just stand there and die.
  • KurtAngle2
    Still no fix in the latest patch notes
  • Valdek
    Yup, I can confirm still broken ;_;
  • relentless_turnip
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Do we know if and when this will be added to the "known issues" you have been updating daily?

    I appreciate your efforts to keep us updated with the ongoing issues, though I saw one of your colleagues acknowledge this in another thread. Would be reassuring to see that you guys have plans to investigate and resolve it.

    It feels distinctly worse than the dragonhold patch in terms of skill responsiveness.
    Skills behave in a BG like they did when playing amongst 3-4 full zerg groups in dragonhold.
    i.e. not firing at all or there up to a 4-5 second delay before they do.
    I have no addons anymore (I know that is the question we will be asked).

  • abzdeman
    Come September and the same issue keeps happening.

    Crazy how others game where performance is just not an issue.
  • kingsforged
    Titain wrote: »
    Is really fun in a Battle Ground match. You just stand there and die.

    Lol I had the full lockout bug in a Deathmatch. Couldn't use any skills, swap bars, dodge roll etc, I could only sprint. Thankfully my team were solid and still won.

    My break free on the other hand ALWAYS has a 2-3 second delay now, basically making it worthless. People complain about gankblades this patch, but they're about the only viable damage based playstyle with all the broken mechanics and awful performance in this game :D
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