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Blackcraft PS4 / NA Adult Guild Recruiting New and Veteran/Returning Players

Blackcraft (Est. 2017) is a social guild, a community of adult gamers, with a focus on many aspects of PvE and PvP content. Our guild's mission is to have a stress-free, fun, and inclusive environment for our members. Players are encouraged to develop characters that they enjoy playing, and we welcome new members of any skill or experience level.

All are welcome in our guild, as long as you are friendly and wish to develop a community with other gamers. For us, all that matters is having fun. Whether that’s solo play or with a group of guild members is up to you. We have both an active in-game chat and Discord server.

The only requirement we ask of our members is to respect each other. We are a sanctuary for players to enjoy the game without being placed in a toxic or discriminatory environment.

Many of our current members are master crafters and always happy to help new players with different aspects of the game. Whether it’s figuring out your perfect character to build or needing help getting something from the game, someone is there to lend a hand.

As a collective group we organize weekly and monthly activities and events. Members of the guild are always welcome to suggest new ideas for events or make specific requests. Some examples include:
  • Overland content (World Boss Runs, Dolmens/Geysers/Dragons/Harrowstorms), Skyshards, Lorebooks, etc.
  • Dungeon (norm/vet) and Trial runs for both new and experienced players.
  • Games and Contests
  • Cyrodiil and Imperial City runs (EP mostly, but all alliances welcome)
  • Monthly dueling arena events
  • Housing events, tours, contests
  • Out-of-Tamriel events (other video games, etc.)

Our guild hall has several amenities for members such as: standard and attunable crafting stations, vampire staging area and feeding thrall, banker and merchant, several target dummies, and a private dueling arena.

So, if you’re looking for a guild with a laid-back and active environment, we invite you to join us!

Comment below with you PSN or send a DM in-game to Athdrivar for an invite.

Thank you all for checking out our guild!
  • Shadowspawn137
    Soul Shriven
    Athdrivar, please send me an invite at PSN Wesley7371. Thank you
  • Feyziness
    I’d like an invite as well,
    PSN osmanli_yigit
  • Phanex
    I would very much like an invite, yes please. PSN Phanex

    I can't chat and I have no keypad to type so I can't respond very quickly in the game.

  • Athdrivar
    Hey! I’ll send you three invites shortly
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