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Red Reign is a new Ebonheart Pact PvP guild for players who would like to learn more about PvP or are just looking for a group of helpful/mature people to run with. Our veteran core players are casual but active and we do not judge or have any expectations for members other than being friendly and respectful to others. The groups we run are always positive and optimistic regardless of the situation and we understand that death is part of the PvP experience (no raging here). We also have master crafters and would be happy to help you get the gear you need. So if you enjoy PvP and would like to run with a group that focuses on being productive and teamwork then give us a try, we would be happy to fight by your side!


Create an environment where newer players can ask questions, learn about the aspects of PvP, and be free to fail without getting ridiculed. We have all been new to ESO at some point and know that it can be easy to get overwhelmed especially when it comes to PvP. We want to help new players succeed because we believe in TEAMWORK and understand that helping you get better is going to strengthen the team.

Develop a core group of friendly, helpful players that believe in teamwork and provide them with a place where they can easily find a group to run with. We believe that PvP is far more enjoyable when you run with a group of cool people who are positive and want to succeed. We want players to feel like they are appreciated for their contributions and not just another nameless face in the zerg.

Form PvP groups that focus on being productive (capturing resources, keeps) and don't waste the time of players by running around aimlessly. We believe that one key to a successful group is having a crown (group leader) that watches the map and provides clear directions to the rest of the party. This makes it much easier for the rest of the group to stay together and prepare to take the next objective. We also think it's important to discuss the current strategy with the group and welcome feedback, someone may see a better strategy or have a suggestion and that input should be appreciated not ignored.


We are not "pros" or experts that claim to know more about anything than anyone else.

We do not expect you to have a certain build or gear or play a particular way.

We do not blame, belittle, scream, rage, kick or call out anyone in our groups for any reason.

We do not participate in Zone chat arguments or the trolling of other players.

We do not tolerate any kind of abusive behavior or negative remarks directed at others and doing so will get you kicked immediately.


If you are interested in joining us please just leave a reply with your PSN name and we will get you a guild invite as soon as possible. We appreciate you taking the time to check out our post and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!!

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