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Pietra Worshippers, a guild made by new players for new players.

Soul Shriven
Hi everyone!
First of all, excuse me if I make some grammar mistakes, English is not my primary language :smile: !

Pietra Worshippers is a PVE social guild.
We mainly do dungeon (normal and veteran) and Trials (normal) togheter, and chat a bit in guild chat just to mess around.
Our aim is to create a friendly environment where new players can feel at home, ask every type of question about the game and do group content togheter with no stress due to being new.
We mainly play during weekends or in the evening because of work or study!

We're over 330 members now and growing! We also have a dummy for DPS testing purposes. Guild hall has expanded with a transmute station and we're currently trying to get the most important crafting stations! Not much, but still something :smiley:!

We've started doing dungeon teaching runs for players who want to try them for the first time or just want to get more practice.

Finally, we try to get a guild trader every week (no fees are required). We're currently in Morkul Stronghold!

- A social environment where you can relax.
- People to play with. Play to have fun, nobody will judge you
- Hopefully a place where you can have useful tips from more experienced players if you're just starting out. We are no expert but we will do the best we can to help.
- Active players for dungeon queue and group content. No more random group finder queue (that can take very long), just ask in guild chat and play the dungeon straight away.
- Weekly overland event on saturday. We're starting to host some guild events!
- At least 1 normal trial each weekend, maybe more!

- Create a large enough player base to play dungeons with, both normal for less experienced players and veteran for those who want to try them.
- Learn the game toghether, and hopefully have someone to play end-game content for those who want to give it a shot
- Create a good Guild Hall with all the necessities for each guild member (Mundus Stones, crafting stations, a dummy to test DPS etc.)
- Be able to provide low-mid tier trader weekly for people who want to sell their stuff (and 30 extra slots are always welcome!)

Requirements are really basic, but just to be clear:
- English Language only: this should be obvious, but if you want to join please at least have a basic understanding of the English language so we can communicate. You don't need to be a native speaker (I'm not one either). Just the basic level to communicate with other people.
- Be nice to others: this is just a game where people want to relax, no need to be rude with others. So please be nice to others.

That's all folks

If you want to join, let me know here, or, if you prefer to contact me in-game, either by mail or whisper if i'm online. My userID is @TheZioSam.
Bye everyone and have a good day :)
Edited by ZioSam on August 3, 2020 8:56AM
  • Fubz21
    I'm interested and need more people to dungeon runs with (norm or vet). My IGN is @Fubz21
    PC (EU)
    1100+ CP
    DK Tank - Main, 9 Trait Crafter
    Necro Tank
    MagSorc DD
    Templar DD
  • ZioSam
    Soul Shriven
    Hi! I sent you an invite! Welcome :smile: !
  • Zanaya
    Soul Shriven
    Hi ZioSam,
    Thank you for your reply on my post.
    What you describe here seems to be exactly what I've been looking for :smile:
    My character name is Zana'ya
  • ZioSam
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I think you already joined us, right?

    FIRST POST UPDATE: We are now 50 members, and we got a DPS dummy for those who want to test it!
    Recruitment is still open!
  • fiender66

    Hi, are you still recruiting? If yes, please sent me an invite @fiender66
    My fienderella is mag-plar 50 CP600 DC and I've 5 others toons, each for every class, all 50, plus a newborn stamplar.
    I use controller on Mac, so writing is a bit uncomfortable for me, but I can manage it.

    As an aside, are you Italian ("Zio")? I am and usually play at UTC+2 in the evening

    Edited by fiender66 on May 21, 2020 6:27AM
  • ZioSam
    Soul Shriven
    yes, still recruiting! I'll send you an invite.
    And yes, I am italian!
  • Banulan
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join your guild. I'm a long time inexperienced player
  • ZioSam
    Soul Shriven
    @Banulan that's great! Give me your in-game name and i'll send you an invite!

    I edited the first post of the discussion as it was pretty updated, we are now more than 200 and guild hall has finally some decent functionalities for our members.

    More over we're starting to host guild events (no partecipation required obviously)!
  • ZioSam
    Soul Shriven
    Post updated with new info!
    We're grown a lot since the last post, we are more than 300 and started doing normal trials and dungeon teaching runs!
    We were also able to afford a guild trader for this week in Morkul Stronghold! :D
    See main post for more info!
    Recruitment is still open, if you want to join let me know here or by ingame mail or whisper! :#
    Edited by ZioSam on August 3, 2020 9:00AM
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