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(PS4-NA) Looking for a group of friends that are veterans players

Soul Shriven
Hey Im Hottracer88 on NA PS4 chill adult long time gamer and I dont know why its been so hard to find and make friends on eso but it just getting boring playing day in and out by myself Im on everyday for 8 to 12 hrs and the only thing I get to do with people is trials I like to just hangout run content do dungeons pledges achievements something Ive been playing for 2 years off and on Ive got over 40 days played on my main character a magdk hitting 70k Im cp 760 I have 8 characters but all my achievements are on him I need more exp on my tank but he is setup tho and Im making a warden healer Ive been trying to go hard that past 5 months grinding the game out Im not use to things being like this matchmaking takes hrs and randoms are to random sometimes it can take 3 hrs to do one pledges Im in a few guilds but it seems if whatever im doing isnt what there trying to do then nobody is down its like pulling teeth to find people that wanna run dungeons or pledges I dont know just need a group of friends I figure I post something and see whats up just kinda throwing it all out there I play from 4pm cst to 5am cst everyday non stop all I do is play video games and this has been the only game were i just cant find a group of people to hang out with outside of trials thats easy which is crazy its easier to get 12 people to run something but not 4 lol Im slowly losing ut
  • Toxic365
    Hey man i am the GM of the guild RECKLESS. we would be happy to have you! we are still starting up but completing VET dlc dungs 0 issues and skin runs. Also active discord
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