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PC NA, Healer looking for a warm fire to share stories and mead

After a month of returning I find myself getting a bit lonely with no one to chat with. I am currently CP 400 and I love healing in all mmo's, Tanking too but never greatly enjoyed it in ESO. I prefer to join a small to medium sized guild and not just be another number in a max size though if you can convince me of your ways i'll give it a go.

Every time I come back to ESO i get bored and leave mostly due to group content being blazed by and going at it in no order so I don't understand whats going on and get frustrated by that or spending weeks on end pvping because the open world pvp reminds me of RvR days in AoC or War-AoR. This time I have decided to do all content in correct order from start to finish and boy has it been fun and understandable. But every time I go to group content, it gets blazed by, no one in a whole month of returning is willing to slow down so i can read and listen to group content of dungeons and this has made me sad.

I do use chat programs like Discord, TS or Vent if needed but in my old age of 32 I tend to want to listen to the game more then other people while gaming so unless i'm doing group activities or events I usually stay muted. You can find me in ESO doing almost everything available from gathering all the things to sell to delving deep into caves for treasures and to see whats around the corner or fishing in the remote places of Tamriel. (if you find me in cyrodiil please ask if I have eaten or slept recently). I even do light RP so if your an RP guild i'm all for it.

Things I like:

Healing in all group content
Running around gathering everything because...*oooh shiney*
Light RP
Fishing for hours
Doing content in the correct order so I can understand what is going on.
I generally will play sometime during the wee hours USA central or anytime during my days off

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