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Stam NB build for Vets

I have a friend who just started playing and wants to use DW/2h. I've looked on build sites and cannot find one for that setup that would be able to eventually do Vet Dungeons. I'm not overly familiar with NBs does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Urzigurumash
    I don't really play PvE much, and tank when I do, so assuredly I do not have the best advice, but if you are looking at a PvE build and the only Bow skill it recommends is Endless Hail, you could simply use a 2h instead on that bar, and replace Endless Hail with Stampede for a very similar result. Use an Infused 2h with the Weapon Damage enchantment. Since Bow has Crit-boosting passives that 2h doesn't, you'll lose some damage overall by doing this with no other adjustments, so there's probably a better way to run dw/2h DD, but that's a start at least.

    Edited by Urzigurumash on June 28, 2020 3:42AM
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  • Katahdin
    Bow is better in pve than 2H, because bow provides more damage over time skills (endless hail and poison inject) that are needed to do high dps for vet content. You'll lose dps using a 2h
    Edited by Katahdin on July 14, 2020 5:08PM
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