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Hunter's Glade availability

Does anyone have an idea of when the Hunter's Glade in the Rift might be available again?
And might anyone remember the crown-price for the Furnished version? I want to be sure to have enough crowns on hand when they offer it the next time.
  • chuck-18_ESO
    It cost 8,000 Crowns unfurnished, 10,000 Crowns furnished.

    As for when it might reappear is anyone's guess. I first assumed that it would reappear for the anniversary of the Wolfhunter DLC and it did not, then I assumed it would reappear for Black Friday, but it did not.

    If you're unaware, you can put a support ticket in requesting to buy the house, and they'll likely sell it to you that way. They're really good about that. Homes bought this way will come with ZERO furnishings, though, so if you're really set on the furnished version, you'll have to wait.

    I got sick of waiting and requested to buy it via support a few months ago. They obliged, and even went so far as to mail me the Ambershine mushrooms that come with the house when I asked them to.
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    The Exclusionary Mandates of Maruhkite Selection: All Are Equal

    1: That the Supreme Spirit Akatosh is of unitary essence, as proven by the monolinearity of Time.
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    1: That the protean substrate that informs all denial of (1) is the Aldmeri Taint.
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  • bearbelly
    Thanks for that info, man. I really appreciate it.

    It's tempting to submit a ticket now, but as long as I know how much to save for the furnished version, I think I can hold out until they make it available.

    Thanks, again!
  • Ruhlf
    Bumping this thread. Any word/thoughts on this house popping back up due to all the werewolf content in the latest DLC?
  • ZOS_Volpe

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