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macOS vs Win10 Performance

So, out of interest, I switched to my bootCamp windows10 side and installed ESO and spun it up - the perforamnce difference is stunning, under MacOs on Ultra-Settings at 4k I get 30 FPS tops, dipping much lower in heavy dungeon combats. Under windows I consistently get 60 FPS and upwards of 100 fps (where I have it capped) in closed spaces like dungeons.

Is this all due to drivers - I am running AMD drivers under Bootcamp not Apple versions of the drivers - or optimisation of the game itself?

My Setup:
  • 2019 MacBook Pro (max hardware settings).
  • eGPU - AMD 5600 XT (not overclocked).

  • solomani
    Confirmed its a driver issue not game issue.

    Under MacOS Heaven benchmark gives me 750.
    Under Windows, Heaven benchmark gives me 1009.

    25% increase.
  • boggo
    Even 33% increase, actually.
    Edited by boggo on July 10, 2020 1:57PM
  • solomani
    boggo wrote: »
    Even 33% increase, actually.

    I was so annoyed I couldn't even do basic math!

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