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Blackreach - New Lows

Right now, and for the last hour. You know what I'm talking about...
Been here since Feb 2014 - You'd think I'd be half reasonable at this game by now...

A'marta - AD Sorc Tank
Kijima - AD DK Derps
Annure - AD NB Derps
Boom Crash Opera - AD Sorc DPS

  • Dominion_Nightblade
    Now I'm curious..
    I know this is PC related but there is a certain DC guild on ps4NA that has actively tried to kill off blackreach aside from primetime and the occasional group from grayhost coming in to Fight. They nightcap and then gatekeep EP and AD and those faction players just leave. I’m in DC and it pisses me off that people are leaving because of these clowns and we have to go back to the lag infested grayhost for any semblance of PvP
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