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Got already loged in to account tthis morning

So got a error this morning when attempting to login this morning june 25th 2020 at like 10am
Not sure.if its just a error has this been happening recently im on ps4 i havent been loged in since yesterday afternoon either
  • RT01100111
    @Kitsune2200 try signing out of your PS4 account (the PS4 account linked to the PS4) on the PS4 then try to sign back into your PS4 account on PS4 to see if this workaround helps this situation.
  • Kitsune2200
    I got in i just wanted to know if anyone else had.this issue i wasnt sure if i was hacked or if it was a error
  • ZOS_Bill

    If this error happens again, you may need to wait a few minutes before attempting to login.
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