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PLEASE nerf 2H skill: Executioner, its a [snip] joke!!!

Skill description: Executioner: Spin around and strike an enemy down, dealing x Physical Damage. Deals up to 400% more damage to enemies with less than 50% Health.

I'm sorry to say this guys, but after all the defensive sets nerf and healing received nerf(from 40% down to 60%) in this patch, in PVP everything is just *** up with EVERYONE running Stamina class and spam Executioner, spam spam spam until everything in front of you melts,and they think they are a good player. Seriously, 400% more damage is just WAY TOO HIGH, and this skill only costs 2K stamina to cast, too cheap! its a joke, just too strong especially in no CP BG. imagine if the players that spam Executioner also has Malacath's Band of Brutality(increase damage done by 25%) ring slotted, I'm sorry to say this, but in no CP BG NOBODY can survive that kind of insane damage, nobody! and ZOS call this balance? So many players will quit ESO if they don't nerf the damage in this game again. NOBODY enjoys dying in 1 second, no matter you are a good or bad player. At least increase the skill cost for Executioner , for God's sake, 2K stam is just too cheap for such a powerful skill!

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Edited by ZOS_ConnorG on June 16, 2020 2:04PM
  • DTAmoral
    Whats the point of moving this post from General to here. lol Zos isnt going to nerf this skill as it doesn't need to be nerfed.

    Half the time you cant even use the skill
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  • MurderMostFoul
    Executioner is fine. The base damage is so low that you need your opponent down to like 20% for it to be on par with Dizzy. At 20% HP, you're in trouble regardless of what people are hitting you with.
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  • Commandment
    You moved this from general to get educated again? Please stop LOL
  • Nord_Raseri
    Veit ég aðég hékk vindga meiði á nætr allar níu, geiri undaðr og gefinn Oðni, sjálfr sjálfum mér, á þeim meiði er manngi veit hvers hann af rótum rennr.
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