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LF / Request Add-on to auto switch Non-Combat Pets for riding/walking

Soul Shriven
Hi All,

I am looking for an Add-on to automatically switch to pre-defined non-combat pets between riding and walking. e.g. I want to have my Frost Atronach Pony out while riding with my Frost Atronach Horse. But the Atronach Pony is too huge druing walking. So I would like to Auto switch to an-other pre-defined pet if am walking.

Does someone knows such an Add-on? If not would it be a huge effort to create such an Add-on?

Many thanks in advance

  • Calamath
    Soul Shriven
    There may be others, but with the optional features of the add-on LorePlay Forever, your wishes will come true.

    LorePlay Forever is an add-on to support casual roleplaying. It has a unique feature called LoreWear that allows you to automatically switch between four different pre-defined presets for your favorite collectibles (mainly outfits but of course non-combat pets as well) based on the player location. Although not well known, as an optional feature, you can automatically switch your favorite presets not only by location but also by whether the player is in-combat, riding, or swimming.

    Therefore, you'll be able to automatically switch only your favorite non-combat pets depending on whether you're riding or not, by tweaking and limiting LoreWear's features a bit.

    If you've tried it, but you're not sure how to set up LoreWear for your purposes, please ask again. I think it might be a little difficult.
  • theyancey
    Did you check ESOui? Lots listed there and supported by Minion
    Edited by theyancey on June 16, 2020 7:52PM
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