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DPS lf Godslayer group PC-EU

Hello, im from spain i did vSSHM many times, but i have not a progresion group for Godslayer. Stamina Templar 90k parse. Now whit dsa 2h i do better performance in trash part ( off & def), Finishing my magdk as also magcro, just 2 days if u needme whit those chars.
MyTime: M-T-W-T : 16 - 22 / F: 15-19| 22-24+ / S-S: 19-21
Have a nice day. @Najiva pc-eu
Edit: Mag dk & Magcro Ready and 90k+... 115-120 whit gloves.
Edited by Najiva on June 16, 2020 11:21AM
  • Pajor
    What server and platform?
  • Najiva
    Pajor wrote: »
    What server and platform?

    Hello. PC-EU
  • reybrujoangmar
    Soul Shriven
    ¡Ese Najiva, máquina!
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