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Request Food buff timer

So eating some magica buff food is pretty important to my build but most of the time i forget when it expires and dont check my long term buffs for long periods of time.

I'm looking for something that can put big annoying red letters right in front of my face saying "EAT" or just something thats impossible to ignore when I dont have a food buff active.
  • Vantor
    So far i'm using FTC for active buff tracking but it doesn't have such a feature. But long duration buff icons are movable so maybe you can place them somewhere more visible to you.
    Invictus EU Guild Officer
  • circilion
    Yea, you'll have to grab a mod for this. Immersion is so important to the developers that players don't get nameplates haha. So I'm guessing your screen clutter will be not happening.

    I myself like it. when you walk into a room and aren't sure who the NPC's and players are it creates a really unique effect for me. there was a guy in a tavern on a chair. then he stood up and ran off!

    Holy crap he was a player!

  • KalecStromhir
    you can look at ZAM BuffDisplay

    You can also use Foundry Tactical Combat
    Edited by KalecStromhir on April 20, 2014 7:48AM
  • Topher
    I am TOTALLY with you on the immersion aspect ZOS have created. I am regularly unsure who is a PC and who is an NPC, and at first I was I LOVE it...for the mere fact I keep an open mind about any character I encounter. Now on mouse-hovering over a toon we can quickly see if it is a player or non player by the chat options but the illusion can be maintained if you let it.

    Good luck folks :smile:
    Uncle Topher
    Elder Moot :: Council of Nine
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