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sawing machine in Daggerfall (Daggerfall millworks)

Soul Shriven
Have you ever seen the sawing machine inside the carpentry mill? Probably the first time when I came across the machine I didn't pay too much attention. However, I've just came from my holidays in Jungfrau Region (central Switzerland) where I went to a open-museum called Ballenberg. This museum it's like a small village where they took down many countryside buildings (houses, huts, granary, mills, etc) across Switzerland and put together in this small "village".

There are loads of old fashioned activities demonstrations, like embroidery, sewing, forging, cheese making...and there was also this sawing machine. Luckily the sawing machine was working at the moment, and I must say that it was impressive.


This one is the mechanism beneath the building

I didn't take a picture to the mill on the side of the building (too many pictures) but I think that it was the biggest among all of them.

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