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Zos can we pls have campaigns for returning pvpers and non hardcore pvpers pls?

Zos many of us are level 50 with high cp but are returning players or players with physical challenges or are too busy with rl to be able to put out in the hours required to get really good at pvp. We find ourselves among hardcore vet gankers. Some gankers seem to be relentless. Theres no challenge for them in ez kills but they haunt us.

Id like to see more skill level appropriate campaigns. Give the average pvper a chance to learn and evolve before being obliterated by the leet players. What's worse is everyone seems to be streaming too so midyear mayhem is just a humilliating experience. Afcourse i dont speak for all players.Hoping once midyear is over the gankers will ease up but i doubt it.

Some players have expresseed an interest in questing in cyrodill but stay away due to these vile vet gankers.

I get it that we die in pvp but getting ganked constantly by players that have an obvious advantage over us is not fun. Some of these dudes are unkillable even with 5 of us on them. Then they 1 shot you. Dont say get good cos some of us wont get that good trust me it's impossible withought being 20yrs old, on some energy drink playing non stop pvp so literally sleeping and eating and breathing pvp.

Make pvp fun again for the average player.

There is some weird crap happening in cyro that just doesnt make sense.

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  • geonsocal
    embrace the zerg, it is your pvp salvation...

    similiar to a herd of animals or a school of fish, there's protection in numbers...

    hopefully the vile vet gankers kill whoever is standing next to you, and not you...
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  • Grimlok_S
    These new Faction Lock campaigns should have all abilities banned, with cast times on light attacks. Would like to see cheat pvpers try with FULL ANIMATIONS

    And siege only for REAL ALLIANCE WAR

    Checkmate, spies!
    Light Attack Hero

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    Bomb NB
  • Ishtharo
    I clicked on this just curious how the OP would propose this to happen. No info. Not disappointed.
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  • Mr_Walker
    “Someone is better than me at a video game, therefore they must be some basement-dwelling loser and a punk kid”.

    Flawless logic.

    I know. It's crazy, assuming all those folk live in houses that have basements.
  • Mr_Walker
    Grimlok_S wrote: »
    These new Faction Lock campaigns should have all abilities banned, with cast times on light attacks. Would like to see cheat pvpers try with FULL ANIMATIONS

    And siege only for REAL ALLIANCE WAR

    Checkmate, spies!

    So, what you're proposing is, current Cyrodiil?
  • MajBludd
    In this new, casual friendly pvp, how long do you think it will take before the vultures smell you? A month, a week, a day?

    Once the easy mode pvp folks find you, theyll move over to your casual friendly server to farm you for AP.

    You are better off in vet.
  • biminirwb17_ESO
    I took my newly created level 20 bosmer stamblade into the "Standard" campaign a few days ago. I have done all but 4 of the delves, got the AD and EP skyshard achievements 42 of the 48 in the bag.

    Did a few scout missions, got the kill 40 enemy reward, got in the top 10 list for ap.

    All playing with one working arm plus being over 60 years old. Just learn where to pick your fights :smile:

  • Xarc
    This is war.

    Play in group if you're not good enough.
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  • Imryll
    At 71 I certainly have non-competitive reflexes, but I wouldn't leave Vet No CP for such a campaign. A wily oldster willing to invest in siege and pay attention to battlefield movements can make a positive contribution in the existing campaigns. It takes time to get to know people and strategies and how you personally can be most effective, but that's part of the fun. Dying really doesn't hurt, indeed "blood porting" (purposefully dying so that you can res at another location) is not an unusual tactic.

    If you want to ease in, you might want to consider rolling a new character and playing in the under-50 campaign, starting with the siege tutorial you can do once you're character is level 10. It offers about 9K AP, as well as xp, a bit of gold, and some useful information. Anyway, good luck!
  • gabriebe
    There will never be an ELO rating or a system of the sort in the game simply because the pop isn't large enough for it. Closest thing you'll get to it is BGs, where the system tends to even the skills out among the groups.

    If all else fails, well that's what zerg surfing is for. Soul strike your heart out from behind 10 people if you like.
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  • Mortiis13
    Vietfox wrote: »
    “Someone is better than me at a video game, therefore they must be some basement-dwelling loser and a punk kid”.

    Flawless logic.

    That's offensive >:(
    I am a basement-dwelling loser and a punk adult.

    My feelings are hurt as well.
    I am a basement dwelling-loser and a adult goth punk. D:<
  • Alucardo
    Honestly have no idea how that would even work. Your best bet is to do what all the other casual (and I use that term non-offensively) players do and group up. Safety in numbers and all that.
    As a returning PvPer myself, I actually ran a few pledges to get used to driving again. My movement was all out of whack, and I was clumsy at weapon swapping, cancelling and just generally pushing buttons xD
    The pledges were easy enough for me to stay alive, but also get used to controlling my character again. Eventually I moved up to soloing them on normal to practice offence and defence. Eventually I was ready to join the big boys in PvP again.
  • Luckylancer
    NBrookus wrote: »
    How do you propose this campaign be limited? Even the under 50 camp, which really should be a kiddie pool, has gold geared twinks who reroll new toons when they get close to cap.

    Stop worrying about dying or the dude streaming to his 2 friends or the one with 4000 embedded views, and focus on if your own performance is improving from day to day. Comparison is the thief of joy. I'll never be as fast as some of the young bloods, but learning things like don't chase the sorc, don't try to out-tower a stamboi comp, and really, really don't let yourself get funneled into a choke requires brains and experience, not reflexes.

    Only those who did not login for x days can log in. OR daily AP gain will be capped at something low + you get a permanent debuff for that day after killing x amount of players. OR if your kill to death rate is too high, you get a debuff, suiciding to pve or gravity doesnt count.
  • FatherDelve
    You already have a way to avoid "hardcore" PvP. It is called Zerg, it is called Nightcapping of empty Keeps etc. PvP is and should be a challenging part of any game, and not just another PvE Grind.
  • Sheuib
    Being good at PVP is much more than just coping the gear setup of some streamer and being able to weave light attacks.

    Something that helps the slower players like me is passive damage sets vs weapon damage/spell damage sets. Yes, if you are a fast player you can get more dps out of a weapon damage/spell damage set. But, for the rest of us a passive damage set will keep you competitive. When I say passive damage I mean a set like viper that has a 5th piece bonus that does damage by just a light attack. With a set like that you are doing damage even when you are healing. I actually run three passive damage sets on my best pvp character.

    Another thing that helps is your button setup. A separate button for dodge roll and break free make a big difference. Preferably on the mouse. For me I only have to do direction and abilities on my left hand. Right hand is dodge roll, break free, light attack, block, weapon swap, and synergy. Breaking up actions between left hand and right hand makes weaving not just light attacks but rolls, weapon swaps, bash and block in much easier. This is why you see some people able to break free much faster than others.

  • Stamblade
    Oh we already have that, its called entering the main campaign as AD and joining the 50 man zerg. That's all they do.
  • Somers23
    Wtf is this I can't do it so it's not right ***. You realize they played the same game
  • Kaysha
    Everyone can PvP in Cyrodiil. 80% of Cyrodiil is knowing when to be where.
    20% is build and skill. When you die, release and come back. Rides are not that long.
    And there is no "rotation" in PvP.
    And don´t be afraid of diing, it´s part of the fun.
  • Enkil
    impossible dream.. they can't get the basics right! pipe dream
  • DTAmoral
    I love that this thread keeps popping back up LOL OP wouldn't be happy unless he is allowed to kill vet players with years of game play under their belt with one button.
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  • TequilaFire
    Simple, just tie one hand behind the back of all players that have skill.
  • raistin87
    First, you are low CP, go for no-CP campaign.

    Next, join a group. If you do, you will be less likely to die to those pesky gangers and if you one of your groupmates will ress you.

    If you feel like you are dying to often/to easily, add some tankyness/escape into your build.

    Finally, embrace the fact that dying often is part of life in Cyro.
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