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Stamina vampire build

I’m on console so mainly looking to see if any pc players have figured this out already. The character I play the most is a Stam Templar and I’m wanting to mix in some vampire abilities. Is there an effective setup for this at all? The vampire seems to be more Magicka and I definitely enjoy stamina more. Pve and pvp builds would appreciated if you have them.

And yes I am sure it will not be optimal.
  • Djennku
    You can certainly add vampire abilities to a stam toon. The Scion, drain, frenzy, mist, and hypnosis can all be integrated. The only ability that would not work as well would be eviscerate, seeing as it deals magic damage.

    With the Scion, and perfect Scion morph, you still deal physical damage, and with frenzy, you are gaining weapon as well as spell damage at the cost of health. Using drain, you have the option of more ultimate regen, or extra stamina sustain. With mesmerize, costing magicka would be better for sustain as you are spending magicka and not your primary resource, and mist is a good "oh ***" option for some situations.

    So go for it! Try everything and find what suits you best.
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