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[Vampire Rank 4 Social Distancing] Can the designers please explain?

@ZOS_Finn Could the Vampire Stage 4 social effects be clarified as to what the cultural / societal attitude toward vampirism actually is?
- What are "normal people" (e.g., npc merchants) they detecting at Stage 4 that they can't detect at stage 1-3 or are ignoring? Do they in fact feel something but don't react?
- At stage 4 - they don't want to talk to me. What are they detecting, and how are they detecting it?
- Do they actually know I am a Vampire, and if so, how come they don't call for a guard? Is Vampirism therefore theoretically legal?
- If "normal people" can sense something, how come guards don't react? They don't sense anything?
- They seem hostile to me and try to intimidate me into leaving. So what is the cultural attitude toward vampires? Anger? Revulsion? Is there actually any FEAR?
Edited by Dusk_Coven on June 2, 2020 6:34AM
  • idk
    I think it is as simple as Zos chose stage 4 as the stage where the character's appearance makes it obvious to the city folk that the character is a vampire. Pretty sure that it was the most advanced stage in previous single-player TES games where this occurred as well.

    Guards react to bounties and probably only bounties. Ofc, your threads may give Zos reason to reconsider that and have them react to stage 4 vamps.

    Yes, the cultural attitude is both anger and fear. Vampires are cursed. They are undead. There are stories already in the game that explain all this. Heck, in RIvenspire one NPC wants her sister killed because she has become a vampire.
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