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Official Discussion Thread for "Launch and New Trailer"

  • Gidorick
    These trailers are amazing! It just makes me sad that CG has only been used to make animated films for children. I would LOVE a full length feature of this quality!

    Are these characters actually characters in the game? Are the events in the trailers directly tied to official TES Lore?
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  • CliffracerFlySoHigh
    Dang, you guys should make a movie.
    Edited by CliffracerFlySoHigh on April 5, 2014 2:59AM
    (translates to: "Let's go annoy the heck outta that adventurer")
  • Asuna_Meow
    Hate the ebonheart pact even more now after that trailer will be glad to slay many of them
  • XDem
    Looks like these trailers predate the game by a fair amount of time, as it seems Argonians slaves are still a thing in this one.

    The cinematic was mind blowing, the level of attention paid to little details in characters' faces is quite impressive.
  • Leonanor
    That's one epic trailer, make wanna log in and take over Cyrodill !
  • Nox_Aeterna
    Each time i see one of this game trailers i get disappointed.

    Honestly , why we dont get a skill tree with similer visual effects to that green eletric power???

    That would be totally awesome , instead we get just old plain lighting with the sorc...
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  • Pixie123
    awesome trailer, I cant wait to see who that guy on the tower is!
  • Woenprom
    Congratz with release everyone!
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  • ljrichardson11b16_ESO
    Every time I see an argonian they are getting killed, could we see some argonians kicking ass next time?
  • clockwork_troll
    Pixie123 wrote: »
    awesome trailer, I cant wait to see who that guy on the tower is!

    We've already seen him in game, that's Mannimarco, the King of Worms.

  • scarsreminder80
    ZOS_JasonL wrote: »
    Hey there, everyone. Just a reminder to please keep the conversation on-topic, and relating to the discussion at hand.

    That being said...
    I loved the trailer!
    So when can we expect a full length cg movie with the same quality and maybe a bit more voice acting?? ;)
    j/k... but seriously... you knew someone was going to say it!
    "In your finest hour.... Who will you become?"
  • Haxer
    Yew wrote: »
    ... I can only speak for me. I will be at this game for a very long time.

    You can speak for me too XD I'm having the best time, and will be here for a long long time to come. Finally, something different in the mmo world.
  • Anastasia
    OUT - FLIPPING - STANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need a Major Motion Picture - NOW ^-^

    WTG, now I have even more of a fantasy-online-woman-crush on her, when my lil storm sorcerer grows up she wants to be just like her...err, minus the captured-by-the-bad-guys part ;o).

    Excellent Trailer on ESO :D
  • thilog
    Haven't managed to get ingame and see the new trailer.. because I can't activate my account until monday... so much for buying the imperial version.
  • hefrocko2
    I know there's been lots of topics about this, but just want it to sink in to Zenimax how crummy they are.

    Forcing us to set up a payment to charge us after 30 days is not 30 days of free playing time - we're being charged for it!

    Yes, other MMOs have done it, but, in my experience, none of them lied about it up front, which causes the dissatisfaction.

    Zenimax, you are liars and need to fix this.
  • Iago
    Why does customer service not contact me back? They have my money for the imperial edition they demand I pay for thirty days before using my free thirty days. I live in Iowa, they want me to pay in euros and will not accept MY CC for time purchase. I am feeling exceedingly cheated I have submitted 3 tickets to ESO support and revived Two emails. Email One wanting me to prove who I am email two being a survey asking if I was happy about their customer service..... I know I can not be the only one having these issues.... They need to make this right or they are going to lose a lot of customers to companies that actually do what they say they will for the people they charge for their services.
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  • brickster7ub17_ESO
    Thought the new trailer was awesome!! A full length feature would be awesome. Love how they are following the same characters. Can't wait to see who that evil dude on the tower is.

    Why do people keep referring to the Argonian slaves? I mean even though they aren't slaves, im sure they are still some what lower class. So they got stuck pulling the platform thing. They weren't in chains.
  • SacredWitness
    I agree there should be more cinematics. Plus, a movie would be excellent in this style. Do it!
  • Severia
    What is the point of these trailers? They don't have anything to do with the game as far as I can tell. Are these characters even in the game?
  • Riptose
    I personally loved it and can hardly wait for the next one!
  • Haltus_Kain
    I have a request regarding your trailer-making endeavors...


    In "The Siege" for example, that music sends shivers down my spine, especially in the beginning of the vid. I LOVE IT! ^_^

    I would love to add that song to my personal library, but I have no idea how to obtain it... it doesn't appear to be included in the ESO Official Soundtrack, nor posted anywhere.

    SO GOOD!

    Outstanding work on the trailers in general, btw. ^_^
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  • AtriasNaradan
    Its funny how many people mistaken pulling war machines as definitely being a slave...i mean the background is not an age where war machines can walk on its own (not to mention its not a usual war machine there). Lets see it this way, its just happen to be Argonians that pulled the platform where the captured high elf is chained, and there're Argonians warriors and mages nearby fighting as an ally as well. They might be able to move it using magic, but lets be honest, how many of that kind of epic war story we found war machines moved by magic....

    Sure, maybe there're quests that imply some slavery on Pacts, but cmiiw (i haven't play pact) it's a quest where our hero suposed to set things right for the alliance to work. I've played on Dominion, and there's anti-racial prejudice quest against Wood Elves and Khajiit too there, and against some rogue High Elves - Aldmeri officials no less. In Covenant, so far it's implied how Orcish hometown, Orsinium been burned down by Breton many time in the past...though there doesn't seem to be any shown prejudice there as far as i encounter.
  • SacredWitness
    Severia wrote: »
    What is the point of these trailers? They don't have anything to do with the game as far as I can tell. Are these characters even in the game?

    They just provide another piece of the fantasy, another way for players to get into the spirit of the game and the ideals of the game overall. Not to mention if you know the general lore going in they're entertaining as all hell.
  • mersipan_ESO
    I played in every beta except one, and have been genuinely excited for this game for almost a year. I won't be subscribing, though, because there is no support for RP and looks like there will be minimum if any support going forward. A real shame, and ironic for a game world that originated from one of the most lore-heavy gaming companies out there.
  • Tuinslang
    Even though I agree on some points with the people who argue here. It is very off-topic, so please stay on-topic.

    I really like the trailer, I hope they will launch more trailers just because it's so enjoyable. Keep up the good work.
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  • ikazuki
    Each faction is loosely tied and it looks like the trailers are all leading up to where we all come in. Another thing to notice is as the player in your faction there are quest lines where you unite every race. Ebonheart commonly refers to dark elves as milk drinkers then later in Eastmarch the racist Nord npcs say elves are milk drinkers, er except for dark elves or something. The player is effecting the story in a sense based on their decisions and your own experience of a faction ties into how many quest chains you can complete and comprehend without spam clicking to move on. (Argonian NPCs have the best names: Laughs-at-All)
  • fatsachb14_ESO
    Yeah great trailer now let's talk about the game.

    First of all and foremost. This game is a huge disappointment for Elder Scrolls fans. I'm not alone in thinking this. The lore is almost non existent. In Skyrim I was the Dragonborn. Here I'm just another player among hundreds all doing the same exact thing.

    Really all they had to do was make this Skyrim Online and they would have made me quite a bit happier.

    Sorry but the subscription based model for MMO's is all but dead. Don't agree? Warhammer Online, Rift, The Secret World, LOTRO, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic …. Really the only reason Eve Online for example is still around and doing well is because of its sandbox/endless possibilities nature.

    Speaking of which ...
    If Zenimax had a character progression that was not class based but rather individual skill allocation based, it would literally open the doors to endless possibilities. That was the main thing I loved about the character development in the previous games of the franchise. Here, we don't have that. And the classes we do have... I mean we don't even have a Ranger class for crying out loud. Do away with classes all together. More importantly training a skill by one point should not have any drastic change to the character. This is also why eve online is largely successful considering the type of game it is. It takes weeks to begin to notice real changes in the pilot's ability to maneuver ships around. After a while you can look back and notice, "Wow, I was really clunky moving around that goblin three weeks ago, but my time spent training dexterity and maneuverability has really started to show. I swing my blade much faster, the character moves about smoother, I dive roll with less delay etc”.

    I'm not saying make Eve Online here. All I'm asking is to make a game with more freedom for character development. Make every character truly unique. Make it take time so players can justify the commitment of spending $15 every month.

    Another thing, should I really be able to stealth behind an enemy in full plate mail without getting noticed and backstab them? The fact that I can wear full heavy armor with virtually no penalties seems game breaking to me.

    Lastly. No Thieves' Guild? Are you kidding me? In a class based game, like this one appears to be, rogues are one of the most popular classes played. I can do without the frigging Undaunted. Seriously, get a Thieves' Guild.
  • david4pdx_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I downloaded the game and I can't even get past the launcher. Maybe this is why. I am all ready angry about this. How can issues like this even be legal?
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