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[PC/NA] Seeking all Magplars, Stamplars, Healplars, and Tankplars

Hello everyone! I wanted to test something that I have not seen before. An all Templar filled veteran trial group. If any of y'all are interested, reply to this thread or mail me in-game at @Sallymen and I will see if this get enough attention for me to make an organized discord group.

Edit: We have a good group growing so far! We are short a few Templar DPS for a vHRC test run at Friday 6pm central time. Again, message or send mail @Sallymen in-game if you are interested.
Edited by Sallymen on May 8, 2020 9:46AM
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  • static_recharge
    You might want to mention which platform and server you're on.
  • CMDR_Un1k0rn

    Scroll down and you'll find guild recruitment. Not sure if that was your plan but if it was then you'll probably have more luck advertising there, especially as each section is server-specific.
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