map pins addon and treasure chests

I just recently installed map pins, and love it because it seems to cover all bases when looking for things on the maps. The one thing that does puzzle me is the multitude of treasure chests in which nothing appears when you go to the location. Now I know that if a player cleans out a treasure chest, it disappears from the landscape and takes a certain amount of time to respawn. I guess my questions are: Do treasure chests always have fixed locations? Is the respawn time so long that even if you go to a map pins location for a treasure chest, you might not see it for a long time? And, is map pins accurate in detailing all of these treasure chest locations?
Thanks for any response!
  • Skelfish
    1. Treasure chests have fixed locations, but not every location will spawn at once (IIRC it's a maximum number at a time).
    2. Map Pins and other other addons like Harvest Map will show you all possible locations at all times.
    3. Addons can't tell you if a specific spawn point is actually there.
    4. Map Pins seems to be consistent with Harvest Map markers, so I would say they the pins are accurate.
  • Caroloces
    Thanks, Skelfish. A guild friend made the same point as you: There are assorted locations for treasure chests in certain areas, but they don't all spawn on a regular basis.
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