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Child Soldier in Cyrodiil

I've finally come up with the perfect character for below level 50's Cyrodiil campaigns. Meet Glathesila Joranagea, a small Ayleid child seeking her parents who have gone off to fight for the Aldmeris Dominion, after an unfortunate run in with a dragon break that whisked the whole family from out of their timeline. Unfortunately for poor little Glathesila, her parents have decided that she is too young to use weapons yet, and is too small to ride a horse. So she is off with some acquired kitchen equipment she sunk out of the perveiw of the kitchen servants and grabbed her guar stick mount and is setting off to find out why her parents aren't back and why she is stuck in a land so familiar and foreign at the same time.
  • InaMoonlight
    Haha awesome idea all around, good job!
    Edit = Typos ... as usual. <;D
  • BloodLegions
    I'm in PC EU server, if anyone see's her give her a small wave ^-^ Hope to make Glathe the youngest ever empress also ^=^
  • NorroenDyrd
    What a brave child! Hope she gets to enjoy a vacation away from all the fighting too!
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