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Dark Tales of Skyrim

An enemy of my enemy is still my enemy but just disguise as my friend in sheep’s clothing.

When I was running from the vampires by hiding in the bushes of the woods and I walked up to Mercenaries that I thought were Mercenaries. They gave me aid to my cuts, bruises, and assisted me to follow them to their camp. that’s when I found out they were not who they seem to be. I have left this letter to warn you to not go any further because it’s too late for me I should have let the vampires have me.

When I was running from the werewolves by a path near my village there was a knight that came to my rescue and slain the two beasts by a special blade that I never have seen. (When the werewolves were going to be slain one of them said to me you wish you were one of us but it’s too late for you now.) The Knight took off his helmet and when I saw his face he looks sick and smelled of death. He asked me to follow him and so I did in fear and we arrived in an unfamiliar place I never have seen. The Knight said to me this place is the Coven of Namira and you are welcome here in two ways. And I said what do you mean by such words of being welcomed here? Namira has called me (Knight) to save you to join us of the flesh or be an offering to us as the flesh.

P.S. Just doing this for fun
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