Looking for Long Term Group (PC)

This is a bit odd, but I'm not looking for a group for just 1 quest. I'm not sure how people meet up on MMOs these days, but I'm looking for fellow players to spend a whole Saturday or whatnot exploring Tamriel and knocking out multiple quests.

I'm currently level 31, so anyone in that ballpark is preferable (so either one of us isn't carrying each other).

My UserID is @EluvienneThrall. Feel free to add me.

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  • CyberSkooma
    You should look in the guild recruitment section, or browse the in-game guild finder in order to find what you're looking for.
    I play this game a little bit I guess
  • Recent
    I tried to quest with a random person i met in elsweyr but we were at different stages of the quest and we were both typing so much to communicate it took too long. You have to get real lucky to find strangers willing to fit your requirements. I would suggest a guild too or maybe ask inmzone chat but most players tend to quest solo and then ask for help,with bits that are difficult to solo.Good luck there are questing guilds just use the search filters in guild finder if you want to join one.😊
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