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Getting kicked form area after leaving group

I understand that leaving / getting kicked from a group while inside a dungeon or trial removes you from the area. But why when I'm questing? I was in the dreaming cave portal in artaeum when i made it finally to the summit. My friend left the group we were in (he was not in the zone with me) to join other friends, and a timer started to kick me out. I was at the last phase of the quest and I had to kill everything and do the whole area over again. Why does this happen? Is it a bug? It's very annoying, it happens in a few areas.
Best NB NA
  • kadochka
    As far as I know, you leaving/being removed from a group (or the group disbanding) and then having it boot you from the area, that only happens in things like group dungeons, maybe trials (*edit: to specify, I haven't done any trials so I don't know for sure), etc..
    I just did a brief search on the 'dreaming cave' (didn't dig too deep, my slow butt still hasn't done all of Summerset, so, spoilers) and it looks like a quest zone, or a delve. Which should not apply in this situation..
    So, I'm thinking a bug? maybe? Don't quote me on that..
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