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What Could Add-On’s Make Possible For Console Raiders

PS4 is my home; but oddly, my Mistress game is ESO on PC. I consider myself very new still on PC, and the add-ons are quite staggering and a big source of angst among my PS4 brethren.

TL;DR it’s a fifteen minute conversation that goes nowhere.

My stance on the add-ons is, they don’t all do exactly what you’d think. In my experiences anyways. I haven’t found most to be “game changing”

Raid Notifier Raid Notifier is a big one. The “block” “dodge” “cleanse” “purge” notifications I’ve seen come at a point where, by the time I see them and can react, I’m already dead.

Then there’s some exceptions and things I haven’t seen yet. Like VMoL conversions, where the in game notifications act particularly janky; VAS storm of the heavens, so you know to get into your lane without having to have someone call it out to you. Any kind of dungeon Mechanic where this might be useful.

Timers not really sure about other trials or dungeons, but in VAS timers are a big thing. I’m not sure if it’s actually from an add-on or some player made program that runs but, I’m told it makes tracking mini add enrage timers a breeze, where it’s quite a bit more involved on console.

Mini Map Haven’t seen one that I liked at all yet. But a big point was made I can’t deny. When you’re in a boss fight, the whole top of your screen is showing boss health and the compass goes away. Someone says go north, east, south, west, and you’ve no freaking idea which way you’re facing. The mini map suddenly becomes golden.

Buff TrackersIf I could get my buff trackers and ability timers organized how I want them, they could be better. Even as a garbbled mess they are far superior to the in game trackers. Take that zos. There’s some pretty big important ones you want to watch for. Like major vulnerability, major force, major courage, etc. optimizing uptime is a major hassle and probably not very good on console.

I doubt there’s any PC Vet trial raiding guild that wouldn’t use any add-ons, but you never know.

So Does it Make it the Point of Pass or Fail

In vet raiding, so many tiny instances rely on a flawless perfect execution where one Individuals little mess up wipes the whole group; And PC has an add-on for that that just gives a minor little edge. I have to concede that could very well be the reasoning behind a Pass or Fail.

But there is a big kicker. Once you learn how to play these game mechanics, that add on holds much less value. It expedites the learning curve dramatically. But after you learn it, and get good with it and polish things up a bit, they don’t even need it.

Some other off the wall thoughts

So, could there be a case for the game needing to teach mechanics better? Absolutely.

Every one of these add-ons is made because the game is lacking in something, and that is something the devs should take a look into. IMHO

There’s so many progression groups that fizzle out because of this learning process. I met a girl that was ready to throw in the towel on her VMoL prog after 2 weeks. I spent 13 weeks learning it. I realize many people don’t have that kind of tenacity. I’m certain add-ons could had relieved a lot of that pain.

To put into terms, normal content is like pre school and kindergarten learning. Going into Vet content, you’re suddenly in 12th grade senior in high school. Competitive Vet content is like taking undergrad college level classes.

I’m not sure this should be something commendable and celebrated or something deeply wrong with this style of gaming. I’m getting at game content That’s so hard you have to prog it over weeks To learn it. I’m enjoying it, but I see it burning people out. And it leaves you in a strange place, where many people want to do this stuff but haven’t because it’s such a great commitment. You can’t just jump in there and expect to have decent outcome.

And those are just for raiding😜 the tools for eso housing, market, questing are so much more. The lore books grind for mages guild leveling...I’ll be honest, it still blows; but a whole lot less than PS4. Sky shards all out on the map is so sweet.

Edit to add:

How did I forget the big one!

Jeesh, so many people on console want Combat Metrics. Okay, everyone that stands around in front of the trial dummy all day anyways.

Well, I don’t do that very much myself, but I was interested in combat metrics for to see the things that I do in game. Like dungeons and VMA, or VDSA or trials.

I don’t often see people showing their dungeon combat metrics reports, and for good reason. It’s not impressive. You’re not gonna see some sweaty 70, 80, 90k dps numbers. I see between 15k and 25k tops. I see me even doing %50+ total dps a lot.

I’m not the best, but I know how to play. My friends, you gotta stop beating that dummy and get out there. It’s not gonna make you good.

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  • Everest_Lionheart
    The most clunky thing with this game on console is the controller layout if you are playing on a standard controller. You need a pro controller with extra paddles to have the biggest quality of life improvement. Bar swapping is about as unreliable of an action as anything given that it’s on the d-pad and none of the other controller configurations make it any better. I can’t tell you how many potions I’ve wasted or accidentally switched to first person while trying to swap.

    The UI stuff is kind of weird as you say and gets a bit overcrowded. Seeing the buffs/debugged on console is nice but it’s hard to track during an intense battle. IDK if I would want a mini map. Most games I disable them because it clogs the UI. The battle prompts are kind of funny sometimes, so much so that I am going to turn mine off. It recommends that I roll or block after I have already done the action. I can see when to do those things by paying attention in battle so t really need a prompt.

    Now the biggest thing I think a console
    Player can do is download a metronome app on your phone and play that at 120bpm maybe slightly faster or slower but 120 is a good benchmark to start. Each tick or beep depending on metronome used is alternating LA and skill. Learn the rhythm, that’s basically your heartbeat for the entire game and you’ll be way more efficient. Being a musician myself my internal metronome is pretty good and for sure it’s helped me to get ahead of the curve in this game.

    For finding all the lore there are companion apps that have it all available for a cheap DL as opposed to searching on the internet. I mean you can search all day if you want but I’m using an app that also lets me track all the lore books, skyshards, delves, treasure locations,surverys, fishing spots, etc and it works offline with compete maps and everything. Well worth the $1.99 or whatever I paid for it. So I spend a ton of time clicking in and out of the map in game but it’s better than nothing. I keep it on my iPad next to me when exploring.

    So for console players there are workarounds, just the controller layout needs that ability to assign custom layouts.
  • kylewwefan

    I’m using a scuf vantage ps4 controller. It has the paddles and stuff. I think PlayStation has their own under controller paddle they just came out with.

    Honestly, I don’t often use the paddles, but if you were looking for something, give it a shot.

    If I could make a suggestion: on PS4 go to settings>accessibility >button assignments> and switch the left d-pad for the right thumb stick click. I swap them on the pc in settings also, I’ve just got used to it.

    Essentially your swapping the crouch button with weapon swap.

    Metronome is great way to get Weave timing down. 120bpm really not that fast. Think many people are smashing buttons fairly pointlessly.🤪
  • Everest_Lionheart
    I’m on XB1. There is a controller mod I have my eye on that looks like it will work, I almost bought it before they locked everyone down. I may order it online anyway. All I want is potions and bar swap on a paddle and I will be all set.

    I use crouch a lot so I like it on the thumb stick. I will check out the accessibility options on my console and maybe switch the map and pause menu there as a temporary fix. For now I’m just doing overland and public dungeons because I’m still a new player, but when I move into to hard stuff I’ll need a more efficient option and of course lots more practice!
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