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Are defensive sets worth it this patch?

  • Deathlord92
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    Ecfigies wrote: »
    Clever and NMA with potentate's backbar isn't a bad choice either, since you're playing in non-cp. Just be sure to know how to Cancel and also LoS, plus using major mending in the right time to burst heal. Rally/Vigor when proc Malubeth with Major Mending it's insane.

    Only dodge cancel or bash cancel works for me, and those are not reliable as block cancel which is destroyed now, so how do i cancel? XD

    Has to embrace the lag and praise the Lord Wrobel to CA works. Not much to do which increases even further the necessity of using a Defensive gear, just try to make some adjustments and have fun if nothing works just put some Meridia with NMA and receive hates.
    I pray every day that wrobel will return because at least he will definitely start fixing nb lol
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