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Inventory addon recommendation?

I have been using Grid View but I just want to sort by the most recent item and have it stay that way.

Right now, recent items are listed first but if I close the inventory and reopen it, those most recent items are moved. It looks as if Grid View has options but I cant actually change them. It is stuck on listing by Value.

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  • adirondack
    best addon for managing items is, by far, Advanced Filters. Pair that with Inventory Insight.

    Frankly both should be part of the base game and it is just amazing ZOS thought inventory management was a fun thing.
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  • Nestor
    2nd Advanced Filters and Inventory Insight.

    However, just know that II will throw off some errors from time to time, it depends on what other Addons you have, the addon will still work.

    So, use the No, Thank You addon to push the LUI errors to a chat tab
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • Baertram
    If you see any error messages rather report it to the authors instead of suppressing them! :(
    The addon AdvancedFilters evenb tells you in the chat what to do if you get error messages one could look into.

    Thank you.

    Please write the error messages as PM here at the forum or at www.esoui.com and not as a thread comment here (or at least use the @ function to inform the author if he is around here).
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