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You guys need to fix *** Cyrodiil and yea I'm mad. Game runs ok until you get in a fight and not a big fight. 2 PEOPLE. Immediately Ping shot up to max 999. Its been like this for years and with what ever kind of improvement performance *** you call this last update, it got worse. Devs are a *** joke.
  • daemonor
    Bruh cyrodil doesnt make any profit, crown store does.
  • Dr_Ganknstein
    Gray Ghost or whatever it's called is unplayable. Not sure why so many people play on their. It's like they enjoy the lag.
  • Vaoh
    Sorry but it’s not going to change. Cyrodiil has become worse and worse for like 5+ years. We have always said there is “so much potential” etc.... take the hint that PvP will never be what it used to be. There’s a good reason why the PvP population is easily 5-10% of what it used to be even when compared to Homestead (judging by campaign populations). Players all left due to horrible game performance and poor balancing decisions.

    Yes ESO had incredible potential, but it’s naive to think the game will be fixed. In fact based on the past few years especially it has gotten worse at a faster rate while the Crown Store has been given a greater emphasis. This game is headed down a bad path rn. It is still great, but it is aging really poorly in terms of gameplay.
  • Metemsycosis
    It is sad bc to me a video game is or certainly can be considered art. And in this case a collaborative work.

    There are literal people who devoted time to design the trees the architecture the creatures the bandits and the mage guards. There are people who very likely poured their hearts into producing this game. And they had to know it was risky but also unique in many ways. I think all the people who designed the game deserve to see their vision actualized rather than abused for profit. And that's the creative side. The people like myself who are dedicated elder scrolls fans (I still remember getting owned by a bandit wielding a battle axe outside the first town in morrowind when i was 17, im 33 now) cant help but feel disappointed that the developers would show less concern for their product than the ones supporting it. You are not letting anyone down now, zos, but you are dishonoring a world of imagination that inspired and continues to inspire millions of people.

    Nice job.
    Terethea Magdalena, Breton Nightblade
    A Dark-Adapted Eye, Imperial Necromancer

    sanguinare vampiris
  • EtTuBrutus
    Cyrodiil is absolutely pathetic. So is anyone that shows the developer's its ok to keep it in this state by paying them anything at all. Pathetic.
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  • Sir_Valk
    They just wont listen or they're clueless how to fix the servers performance. its either 1 of them.
  • Q_Q
    Icky wrote: »
    Gray Ghost or whatever it's called is unplayable. Not sure why so many people play on their. It's like they enjoy the lag.

    I play there because the best fights are there. In my experience all that is in other camps are Zerg groups pvdooring. That’s no fun for 1vx players. At least in gray ghost I can come across a small man to fight. Even then most of the time I just observe since I can’t use skills.

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