Can Creating an Add-On get you suspended?

I am/was in the process of creating my first add-on ever. I was tired of the gold spamming and the existing anti-spamming add-ons just didn't seem powerful enough plus I wanted to try my hand at it. So I was testing by trial and error as there seems to be little documentation and I had good success. I had functionality to auto-ignore people whose chat matched a rule, and functionality to wipe my ignore list using /mycommand. I was logging in and out while standing still near the crafting area in Devons watch. I would log out to modify my code then log in to test it. While writing code I got a notice that someone else had logged into my account. I quickly tried to log in and failed with a "Account has been suspended" message. I have a phone ticket in and am waiting but I was wondering if anyone might shed some light on what has happened here.
Thank you!
  • r.a.lambb14_ESO
    Since I cannot play I have some time to think about this. Last night, while testing some lua code that monitors chat messages I typed the following (basically):

    /say abc ,.<>/?;':"[]{}\|-=_+()*&^%$#@!~` def
    /say abc ,.<>/?;':"[]{}\|-=_+()*&^%$#@!~` def ,.<>/?;':"[]{}\|-=_+()*&^%$#@!~` ghi

    Basically i was testing code that strips punctuation and spaces from chat. This seemed reasonable at the time, though now I think that even though it was /say not /zone I should have done it somewhere less populated. I suppose it is possible someone reported this (as bot activity?) but would they really suspend me for this? Or is it more likely that they have scripts that notice things like AddIgnore() and RemoveIgnore()?
    I have gotten no reason whatsoever why my account was suspended and that is extremely frustrating. I was just wondering if any other modders had been suspended or how others test their code live.
  • class101
    I doubt you have been banned for coding because if they don't want something used they just flag it protected

    But indeed I believe you have been banned for the /say commands, that's an ugly way of testing things and could be a frustration for others even if nobody is around you, you never know...

    Instead you must define your phrase in a variable and use the variable directly
  • r.a.lambb14_ESO
    That makes me sad. With gold spammers filling up the chat window of everyone in /zone, my 2 /says were just too much I suppose.

    What you say makes sense. Does everyone log in/log out just to test stuff like this, or is there a way to update code without logging?
  • raught19ub17_ESO
    /reloadui reloads your addon without needing to restart or relogin
  • Aiiane
    is there a way to update code without logging?

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