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Why was the best thing in the game removed?

Does anyone else remember when there was a soft cc immunity? For instance immobilizations use to give you a few seconds before you could get immobilized again. Now in pvp I get talon spammed until I run out of stam trying to get out of them. Yeah I get it snare removals but literally the exact same burning all my mag to get stuck in place because someone is building to be a cc bot. Why was this removed? It really makes combat not fluid and clunky af. Trying to walk in an area with someone with incase or talons is almost guaranteed death. This is for every soft cc in the game right now an it used to not be like this. I’m stuck in place 80% because I have no control of my character because I’m getting lockdown into 1 spot and dying. There’s literally 0 skill involved with most of my deaths it blows my mind that this was removed. Zos definitely needs to add the few seconds in between again and if this is “still” in the game then it’s bugged af.
  • Kadoin
    One Tamriel best thing that got removed - whether it was balance, critting sets, performance, and unlocked campaigns. All of it has been put down the drain ...Still prefer it to most of the recent patches.
  • Iskiab
    Did soft cc immunity work or was it like break free cc immunity?
    Looking for any guildies I used to play with:
    Havoc Warhammer - Alair
    LoC EQ2 - Mayi and Iskiab
    Condemned and Tabula Rasa - Rift - Iskiab
    Or anyone else I used to play games with in guilds I’ve forgotten
    Race against time. No more problem.
  • Helgarth
    If there is one thing I would be happy about, is to get actually more stuns.
  • Urzigurumash
    You're mag? Try Robes of the Hist?

    Sincerely, a Talons spammer

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    Xbox NA AD / Day 1 ScrubDK / Wood Orc Cuisine Enthusiast
  • Moonsorrow
    If you are cleansing off the root then you don't get immunity. If it wears off or you dodge out then you will get immunity.

    Your friendly Magblade enthusiast

  • Sneakers
    A gold farming script could kill people on a MagDK this patch.

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