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Templar Healer LFG

I'm CP330+ atm and have full Olorim's and Worm Raiment sets with Bogdan the Night Flame monster set for now. I have cleared vet Dragonstar Arena as heals at a lower CP with the beginners set. I really like healing and desire to be better. I am looking for an older mature group that run trails and vet dungons on PST. I'm online most every night and happy to heal so if you need a healer and seen me online just pm me. @Hugzmymagic I'm willing and able to learn mechanics and have patience as everyone has off nights and game bugs. Thanks

  • BoomerLives
    Hi there! Check out my guild ad here, we are a social oriented guild but we also love doing vet dungeons and we've just recently started running vet trials as well! Also most of my guild is EST, but I'm in the west coast, so event times are pretty well balanced. Lemme know if I can send you an invite!
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