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Tamriel Magazine: A new community website arrived with first community topic

Hello everyone,

I'm a journalist and content editor. Playing Elder Scrolls Online since four years and at the end of 2019, decided to make new website. Tamriel Magazine is aiming to be a community magazine website. Interviews with players, guilds, useful topics etc. I know there are many good community websites, even Official Website has community contents. So, this will just an addition. I have another website, which is four years old and I'll do what I know to do at Tamriel Magazine too. Keep writing... That's what I know to do...

So here is the Tamriel Magazine:

Still some things should be improved, but I'll do in time. U can read About Tamriel Magazine, About Me pages and The Beginning post for more info.

And as a first content about Community, I did an interview with Bran_Cracker (PC_EU). He has very nice fan arts in his Instagram account (@facesoftamriel). Here is more about him and his artworks

I hope you enjoy ;)

Whenever i search for an alternative game, i realize that how beautiful ESO is...
  • Thavie
    That's a nice project!
    "We grew under a bad sun"
  • Inerar
    First, thank u Thavie, your fan arts are one of their kind. Following u already.

    Now, second community related content is ready at Tamriel Magazine. This will be last post I'll share at the forum. I don't wanna keep pop-up the topic and make busy the forum. Just I can say more will come and better to follow at social media ;)

    Now we have a cosplaying article. How sound cosplaying a main character in ESO?

    Here is the story of a powerful magician travels between worlds:

    Whenever i search for an alternative game, i realize that how beautiful ESO is...
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