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[PC][NA] Looking for a smaller guild?

Deaths Caress is an Aldmeri Dominion guild with a primary focus on endgame PvE and a secondary focus on organized PvP.

There are many guilds that are successful in doing various activities within the world of Tamriel, but at Deaths Caress we are building a family that will be successful at both PvE and PvP content, regardless of how many attempts it may take. We will never quit on you and do not expect you to quit on us!

When you join Deaths Caress you will not be joining a "large community" or "casual guild", you will be joining a cohesive group of like-minded players that pride themselves on the quality of their conduct as well as their ability to work together!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on Discord now:

**Deaths Caress is proudly partnered with World Crown Exchange**

World Crown Exchange

The World Crown Exchange (WCE) is a safe, easy place to buy and sell crown store items. With thousands of members and millions of crowns traded, we are a centralized free marketplace where buyers and sellers trade at prices they choose. Buy at 1:100 and sell at 1:225, or at any other rate. No complex rules, procedures, waitlists, or mandatory guild membership. Your safety is ensured through our buyer/seller feedback system and optional brokers, who have been vetted by WCE and whose transactions are insured by the WCE reimbursement fund.

We are not a business and make no money from the trades. Rather, the moderators expend personal funds to maintain WCE because we believe in and are committed to providing a safe, easy, market-driven community for buying and selling crown store items. Check us out at:

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