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Recommended level for DLC dungeons on normal?

Is there a recommended CP level for players in the new DLC dungeons for Harrowstorm on normal difficulty? I know there's a recommended level for vet and HM dungeons, is this the case for normal dungeons too?
  • VaranisArano
    The DLC dungeons will open up in Groupfinder at level 45. Before that you can manually travel there.

    So technically CP isn't needed. If you feel more comfortable with CP, CP 160 for max level gear is a good benchmark.
  • redspecter23
    I wouldn't really bother before cp160, but that's mainly so that the gear drops are relevant. It's more about you performing your role well than having a certain amount of cp. If your dps is below 10k, you can still get through but it will be rough. If your dps is below 4k, you can grab some tape and stick it over your left mouse button.

    I guess what I'm getting at is that cp isn't a measure of your effectiveness and normal doesn't have extremely high requirements other than paying a bit of attention to mechanics and having a basic knowledge of how to kill mobs.
  • Paramedicus
    i didnt try Harrowstorm DLCs on normal, but they seem so easy, that not having CPs shouldn't be a problem. It also depends which role you play (i don't think that support roles need much CP for normal content).
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  • dazee
    level 45 with on level gear and a good build is fine.
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  • OrphanHelgen
    Like someone already said here, you can maybe do them earlier than cp 160, but due to that being the max level of sets, you can just do them after you cp160 so at least you get the max level armor.
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  • Alienoutlaw
    on normal i would say as long as you feel comfortable doing them then any level really, the only word of warning i would give is dont expect everyone to think the same if going through the GF if low level you may find the odd "inconsiderate" player/s
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