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The day PVP died

I’m a veteren player. I played during the beta and I got my best friend to play with me on launch. To add some weight to this post, I want you all to understand that I have had an account for over 6 years and only now made a forum account.

I know these words will likely fall on deaf ears. I know others have said the same and I will likely present no new arguments. But if my voice added to those of this community can help in any way then I am obligated to try.

Solo queue killed PVP for me.

I remember a time when Cyrodil was the coolest thing I had ever seen in an MMO. You had siege weapons and large scale combat. My best friend and I would play for sometimes up to 12 hours nonstop. I’m sure we can all remember those high school sleepover days where you game with your buds.

Well, as is so often the case we moved on to other games and other things to do, but there was always a soft spot in our hearts for ESO and the elder scrolls franchise as a whole. That soft spot lead us both back to the game about a month ago, where to our surprise we found numerous new things to try including battlegrounds.

And let me tell you. Battlegrounds were amazing. Sure they had their problems. For some reason we only get put on the green team, but we were together and playing just like old times.

Why play the game now?

Are dungeons that I have run 100 times enough to keep me here? Our personalities are different. I enjoy the stories and will read all of the dialogue and lore. My best friend skips everything possible and wants to get through it as quickly as possible. I don’t fault him for this, but clearly we can’t PVE together. We would both be too frustrated.

“Well there is always Cyrodil”

But it isn’t the same is it? I enjoy playing with my best friend. I don’t enjoy grouping with 30 other people to smash a keep and maybe PVP for 2 minutes. I want to grow as a player. We tried taking resources and a keep by ourselves last night just to see what would happen. A keep gave us about 6k AP and took about an hour. Why is that worth doing?

“Well if you don’t like Cyrodil why not IC?”

In the Imperial City my experience has lead me to believe that it is a magnified version of alliance war. By that I mean it is focused on obtaining Tel Var. all I know about IC is that large groups of people pick off ones and twos and dominate in an objectiveless free for all.

I liked - no I loved battlegrounds. I’m good, but I’m not amazing at pvp. My friend is much better. But in battlegrounds there were more ways to play than just kill people. I wish you all could have seen some of the stuff we came up with in Chaos Ball. I know that there has been a lot of discussion on premade groups, and honestly I couldn’t care less. No it wasn’t fun get stomped into the ground, but even losing was more fun than standing around for two hours killing Baxilt-gah for the 80th time

But here’s the problem. None of you will get to play with us. To see the two of us in action. I don’t get to play an MMO with my best friend anymore.

I didn’t play battlegrounds because of the rewards which were lackluster at best. I played them because it was something my friend and I enjoyed doing together. How many threads need to be created of people saying they played with their friends? How many threads do people need to post about not being able to play with their loved ones for the developers to take action?

More than that. Why should I continue to play this game?
  • Mizeov
    Karmen wrote: »
    why another thread ?
    Why? Because I am powerless to do anything else. As I said in my post I am well aware that there are countless other threads on this same topic. But to do nothing is to passively agree with the devs. That I can’t do. I would rather a million threads clamoring about this change than one with a million comments.
  • jadarock
    I feel your pain OP but an hour to take resources and a keep?! Are you both healers or tanks or was it rubberbanding that bad? Truthfully I stopped reading at that point .
  • Mizeov
    jadarock wrote: »
    I feel your pain OP but an hour to take resources and a keep?! Are you both healers or tanks or was it rubberbanding that bad? Truthfully I stopped reading at that point .

    No we are geared for PVP. Just between riding to the keep taking the resources, and there being only two of us to siege the wall and front door it just wasn’t worth it
  • Freakin_Hytte
    Take a break and play other games, more than likely they will create 2 different ques in the future.
    It's sad yes, but there are a lot of good games out there that isn't eso.
  • Mizeov
    Take a break and play other games, more than likely they will create 2 different ques in the future.
    It's sad yes, but there are a lot of good games out there that isn't eso.

    I’m hoping the battleground queue will actually just drop to almost nothing and the devs will admit they made a mistake.

    I live in wishland though :)
  • andywiseyb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Totally agree with this thread and the more that start new ones the better. Exact same thing for me and my mate, we play together including battlegrounds which is currently the best part of the game. Played since beta and bored of usual PVE stuff and dont have that much play time to waste in Cyrodil.

    Guess its a case of cancel sub and move on,

    DEVS - This is a game breaker for me and mate!!!
  • DjinnAeternam
    Would be nice to have Normal and Ranked BGs, Normal having only solo and allowing more experienced players to go Ranked in teams.

    I can understand the perspective of 1 player being frustrated by playing against a BG premade coordinated team, but can also understand the frustration of team players that can't play in team anymore just cause ZoS found an "easy way" to try to solve it.

    I think having Normal and Ranked would solve the issue, more casual players would go Normal, teams and premades to Ranked, with sepparate rewards (enough of that inventory trash).
  • olsborg
    Add in lagg, balance issues, bugs and crashes on top of that, are we having fun yet?

    PC EU
    PvP only
  • Karmen
    I dont like Battlegrounds, for me it's only a fortnite way to play eso. Lore has been ignored with BGs and I always played BG or cyrodiil as a solo player. I have to deal with 3 other imposed mates since BG have been created, it is my choice to play solo but i can't really solo since this is 4vs4vs4.

    For me, nothing changed with the solo queue ; the only thing which changed is now, team are balanced. I did some BG and for now, i dont see more teams destroying the 2 other, this is a fact. There's still a winner and a loser, but now it is balanced between scores.

    Solo players continue to solo in BG, and premade are not destroying it anymore.

    Everybody can understand you want to play with your friend. Just ask to zenimax to make bg with 2vs2vs2 then, I'm sure it will be cool.
    I am Carmen.
    For Bosmers, war is only a sport
  • ZOS_Ragnar
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