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Soul Shriven
Why in the world would you make use download the ENTIRE GAME over again + the new dlc patch with it which is over 100+GB and then allow it to remove stuff to make it a total of 66.7GB when it is all said and done?

If someone has the game installed and just wanted to run the launcher then fine this makes perfect sense! HOWEVER, if someone only has limited storage on there hard drive like I did then I should be allowed to re-download the game at the 66.7GB level.

I need you to know that I had to RE-INSTALL WINDOWS just to get a ton of free space back, Install the Game, and then put everything else back on my hard drive. Do you know how long this took me to do? Why did I re-install windows you ask? Well time I moved stuff off my hard drive I had a total of 135GB of free space left and it said I only needed 105GB while clearly that was a LIE! It started the download/install process and then said NOT ENOUGH SPACE!!!

You guys MUST 100% find a way around this mess, to allow the Launcher to do the updating and removing part "BUT" for a CLEAN INSTALL of the GAME we have a way of only getting the 66.7GB and nothing else....

Thank You!
  • silver1surfer69
    I thought i reinstall the game on another ssd after patch. lol what a garnd thought. I had to download the whole (old) game again - 87 GB and THEN it downloaded the new 50 GB in the launcher again!!!!! No clean new copy existing!!!!!
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