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Goodbye ESO.... Hope you work things out

I know the dev team worked really hard to improve performance, but I have never had to Ctrl-Alt-Delete out of this game more times than following this update. I have since deleted every single anddon, and even than I'm having crashes. Since I removed all my addons I have crashed another 4 times and now I'm here on the forums to say I'm done. I really hope the dev team can get this game to a good spot, I just cant take it. I shouldn't be this frustrated and angry playing a video game due to its performance. No other game I play is this bad to where I need to Ctrl-Alt-Delete and even force restart my PC. Hopefully I can come back to this game in a few months and it will be better, like I said its just far too frustrating right now. Goodbye ESO I love you
Ad Victoriam!
  • dazee
    Can I Haz Your Stuff? Joking aside this games performance is beyond embarrassing. Not long ago Frostvault's last boss would hard crash peoples computers. It still might.
    Playing your character the way your character should play is all that matters. Play as well as you can but never betray the character. Doing so would make playing an mmoRPG pointless.
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