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Ep PS4 eu

Reds need to think about their numbers in pvp. They just Zerg their way through the whole day. Full bars when yellow and blue have one, day and night they have vastly more. For next campaign hopefully some of the zerglings will change faction as it’s killing the game
  • Vietfox
    I don't know what you are talking about, they win because they are so skilled :neutral:
  • geonsocal
    that was one of the benefits of having un-locked campaigns...

    the player base themselves could help balance the map...that's how I, and many others played the game for years (I started on the NA server)...

    unfortunately for every 3 or 4 good folks though there's another person who'll simply take advantage of any situation for their own selfish desires...which is what led to faction lock...

    I play blue on ps4/EU kaal...I play in the US which is non prime time for that map, so there's not much fighting usually going on...I know though we've had a few campaigns where red almost had as many points as blue and yellow combined...

    not an ideal situation at all...

    I have a red and yellow toon on laat...i almost never get to play them though because usually one of the 3 alliances will own the entire map...
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  • Freakin_Hytte
    This is the reason I switched from red to blue, it was just so damn boring.
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