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Upgrade question

I have missed playing this game and have been looking at getting back into it. The last thing I downloaded was the Summerset upgrade. I also have the Morrowind upgrade along with the Explorers pack. If I upgrade to the Greymoor Collector's Edition it comes with the base game and every expansion and their collector's edition content. Buying it this way is cheaper than buying the Elsweyr upgrade and the Greymoor upgrade seperately. My question is will I have to uninstall what I currently have or will the Greymoor Collector's Edition just overwrite what's there? I noticed that this edition doesn't have the Explorers pack which gives you any race any alliance, I don't want to lose that if I have to uninstall my current content. I realize I am re-purchasing some content but I get the collector's content, which I didn't have before with the other add-ons, for a cheaper price than buying upgrades.
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