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Clan Hammeraxe, Social Guild, Recruiting

Hello All

CLAN HAMMERAXE is looking for new mature members; we are a small clan, easy going and willing to take our time to go through and enjoy the content of dungeons and the like. We are English speaking with members from all over the world.

MATURE MEMBERS: We have members as old as 70, I’d say our main age group is from 30 to 50 with a few at either side of that, we experimented with younger members but it didn’t work out, turns out teenage drama and angst wasn’t for us, so we are looking for mature members only.

SMALL CLAN: We currently have 49 members, although we will be dropping a number due to inactivity, hence the reason we are recruiting. We are NOT a trading guild

GAME CONTENT: We try everything, although we recognise that some content is not for everyone. We have many that have no interest in PVP and others with little interest in PVE, that’s all good, but we do look for participation in some clan events. We run trials, world boss and shard runs, pvp groups, battlegrounds, and many group dungeon runs throughout the week. While we are looking for members to join in, we understand and accept that some areas will not be for everyone and that is ok.

NEW TO THE GAME & US: You will find we have members that are new to ESO, and that is not an issue. We have had just about every level of experience within the clan from first week in the game, to playing from earliest beta. Our members are incredibly helpful, and always willing to help with info, hints, tips etc. to help you get started on the right foot and lead you through your first dungeons and the like.

CLAN HOUSE: We have a sizable clan house with around 12 full crafting set stations, some Mundus stones, transmute, provisions, alchemy, enchanting and outfit stations along with a banker and merchant, all still a work in progress and I suspect ever will be. We have many crafters happy to help out with gear and weapons all of course free, and we have a big bad ass training dummy you can test them on.

CLAN: So, why a clan and not a guild? A guild is an organization of people who have the same interests. A Clan, that’s Family.
Come say hello on our Discord, give me a shout @FAD if you want to have a chat about joining, we do not spam in-game for members and we do not just invite.
  • dingl78
    Still looking for new members
  • binho
    Hi hope u're well.
    I'm 39 years old friendly gamer.
    I've been playing from day 1 on the PS4 but came to PC only a few months ago.
    Looking to find a relaxed group of friends to play with.
    Would love an invite
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