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[PC/NA] Returning player looking for a trade/social guild

Hi everyone! I have been playing this game off and on since beta. Looking for a trade guild that also likes to socialize....mabie do some dungeon runs every once in a while. I am a dedicated trader, and try to always have items in the guild shop worth selling. Hope to hear from you soon! Also Im on PC/NA.. @Lizzrdd
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  • Sikhyr
    I run the Code of Malacath. It is a Social gameplay guild, a casual guild with emphasis on community over any elitism. Though do be warned, quite a lot of the members are in the Guild for its other Half, which is centered around Malacath/Orc RP.

    The whole idea of the Code of Malacath is making the weak, strong. So they can stand before Malacath in Honor when they die a glorious death.

    If you're interested, here's the Discord: https//

    You can also send me mail @Sikhyr ingame.
    Glory to Malacath!
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