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[PC-EU] DC or EP for casual AvA?

Soul Shriven
Myself and a couple of other returning players are seeking to get into AvA on PC-EU and are looking to choose between DC and EP. We're more interested in pug large-group play to begin with as opposed to solo or small-scale, not necessarily gigantic blobs but large groups of manageable size with group leaders. We can play on CP or non-CP, it doesn't really matter, mainly looking for whichever can provide the best experience. Open to joining guilds at some point and investing time into other playstyles but for the moment primarily enquiring with regards to the above. General playtimes will be from 5pm - 12am (so primetime).

Is anyone able to advise which faction (if any) would best suit our playtime / playstyle?
  • JamieAubrey
    You spelled AD wrong
  • EdoKeledus
    You have a good profile to join the blue without a doubt. Daggerfall Covenant will offer you an interesting experience whether in large or small groups thanks to his diversity of players.

    In your playtime, DC is at his peak unlike EP coming later and even far later for AD so not really interesting in terms of PvP experience.

    About the guilds at least for DC, you should know that their doors are open and friendly in my personal experience(PvP since 2 years for DC).

    Here's hoping I've helped you.
    DC PC EU Vivec
    Daggerfall Convenant Loyalist

  • heng14rwb17_ESO
    AD IS NUMBER 1 !
  • Master_Kas
    AD IS NUMBER 1 !

    For a few hours in the morning yes. Rest of the day, not so much :trollface:
    EU | PC
  • Roar
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for the advice @EdoKeledus, much appreciated! Looks like we'll probably be going DC.
  • Flamingfunk
    If you like zerg gameplay, you are in luck, at least on NO-CP.
    Every evening during prime time, you'll have all three factions stacking at Arrius, 5-7 ballgroups included.
    It's a glorious opportunity for waiting 6 seconds for the server to register your abilities.

    If you want early morning Zerg I'd say go EP, lots of PvDoor going on.
    If late night PvDoor is your thing, then DC is a sure bet.
    I see AD wasn't an option, so I take it you don't want to stand on a keep wall until you are outnumbering your opponents 3:1, then go in to "PvP".

    But in more seriousness, if you want to fight harder opponents go EP, DC are good at rolling tanky FOTM classes.
    If you want easy AP, go DC as a lot of the EP player base is not very experienced with actual PvP.
  • Berenhir
    You should go DC on CP campaign B)
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