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FIREPOWER - Magicka Dragonknight DPS Build + Actual Raid Boss Parse! (Dragonhold)

Class Representative

1:35 - Gear/Alternative Sets
7:45 - Skills
10:40 - Race, Character Stats
11:40 - Basic Rotation
12:33 - Champion Points
14:05 - Atsona's Mag DK in vAS Hard Mode!

Offers great sustain/great cleave+single target damage. One of the strongest builds currently in PvE and one of the reasons why people are starting to play mag DK again.

Not your typical Mother's Sorrow setup although that IS an alternative! Also many have asked: can I use Asylum/Willpower setup on Necros, Templars, etc? It's best used on mDK due to, as @WrathOfInnos puts it:

"- The Combustion passive increases Burning damage and restores Magicka every time Burning is applied.

- MagDK DoTs are long duration, and they have no delayed burst skill (like Blastbones, Deep Fissure, Prey, Frags, Purifying Light, Merciless Resolve) so there is room for many casts of Force Pulse in the rotation.

- MagDK does not have an execute, so Force Pulse is used for the entire fight

Sorcerer is probably 2nd best for it, and only if you do not use an execute, but Prey and Frags still diminish the usefulness since they mean fewer casts of Force Pulse.

Nightblade and Templar are both far too dependent on their execute abilities, and would get no benefit from the Asylum Staff near the end of a fight. Necromancer and Warden have their burst skill every 3rd cast, so not enough room for Force Pulse spam to justify this weapon.

The main exception here is Maelstrom Arena. Every class can use the Asylum Staff well in Maelstrom, because the bonus damage from the status effects happens to be just enough to turn most enemies from 3-shot to 2-shot. It’s also helpful on bosses since you are solo and won’t have supports to help with Minor Maim (chill) and Minor Vulnerability (concussion)."
  • Banana
    I don't have an asylum staff :/
  • colossalvoids
    It was the most enjoyable setup of current patch, hope last week of pts will not change anything.
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