NZ/AUS Guilds?

Soul Shriven
Hi there, newish to ESO, looking for an NZ/AUS guild that's still active, or just people to hang without in similar Timezone (+12)

Add PSN: Komatozd
  • AlphaCrucis
    I'll add you
    Australian, Aldmeri Dominion
    Altmer, Dragonknight (mag), Damage Dealer
    Brenton, Templar, Healer
    Bosmer, Nightblade (stam), Damage Dealer, PvP
    PS4, NA Server
    Guild Member Of: Brotherhood of Bogans
  • jroz0
    HI looking for aus guild ?
  • Syrusthevirus187
    Lol. The fact that they sold the game in our timezone still makes me laugh. And cry.
  • KrypticFuture
    I have an Australian guild that does just about everything. It's Exiles, description is in the thread if you'd like to look. If you want an invite just send me your psn 😁
  • Indigogo
    I'm also looking for a guild for Aus timezones please.
    All I want is a bunch of laid back, nice people to run dungeons and pve with. I am a noob but keen to learn.
    Drinking and memeing would also be highly desirable.
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