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Action bar ability-swap expansion?

Can someone make an addon NOT to extend the action bar as it is impossible, but instead make us able to press a key to swap to another pallet (other than swapping weapons) since it seems like the game doesn't restrict you from changing skills on the bar at any time.

With the amount of skills in the game i feel like im being choked to only use 5.. As a low level tank i got my healing ability, my aoe ability, two sword abilities and a DOT/snare ability and i don't feel like there is any room to change much around considering some abilities i can't really take off the action bar, where as most of shield-swords abilities seem pretty much useless in place of other more useful abilities. It is incredibly limiting given the amount of abilities in the game.
  • Ravalox
    Have you looked at Wykkyd's Outfitter?

    I think may handle what you are looking for ...
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  • Jfairclough
    Orly? so we can essentially have more than 5 skills on the bar and swap to any mid combat? i get that more than 5 won't work because of bar-activated passive buffs but this essentially allows me to keep that buff on every bar and have 12 or so more extra skills?
  • Aiiane
    Only weapon swapping allows changing skills in the middle of combat (and only to the other 5 pre-set skills you've chosen for the weapon).

    Just because weapon swapping works doesn't mean you can hotswap abilities onto the same weapon's bar in combat (you can't). The weapon swap is implemented as another fixed set of 5 skills that's predetermined and locked when you enter combat.
    Edited by Aiiane on April 17, 2014 7:09AM
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  • EliteZ
    You have 12 skills to choose from during combat, that is plenty. Instead of trying to get more skills, try focusing on what role you want your character to be and specialise in that.

    ESO is not the first, nor will it be the last, to limit the amount of skills you can use. TSW only let you use 5 last time I played and passives even take up space, GW2 only let's you use 10, with another 5 from weapon swap that has a CD, WildStar (but not sure how many) and EQN will limit the amount of skills you can use. Heck, even WoW is trying to seriously reduce the number of skills available to players. It's the way MMO's are turning now.

    It's no longer about having every available skill at your disposal to use whenever you need, you now need to actually think and plan how you want to play and the type of skills you'll need for situations.

    I have a questing skill set, a dungeon skill set, a PVP skill set. Just change your skills around depending on what you're doing.
  • Jade1986
    That's pointless because you cannt swap armor in a fight.

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  • Jfairclough
    but the amount of useful abilities is far and few inbetween i guess. in pvp its simply use bow/ranged and nothing else otherwise you get *** when you charge in and being a tank doesn't seem very tanky in the end.
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