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OK, help me out here, I have 3 AD char's, 2 are in non-vet and my main in Haderus.
Why can't I take my 1 and only DC and set her Home in Chillrend??? Its empty and when I try to set home it keeps saying I have an opposing char in there which I don't
Is this another way ZOS is trying to keep the exploiters out??????
  • volkeswagon
    It would be nice if you could view the map before entering a campaign to see how much of the map my alliance controls. I hate picking a campaign to do my dailies in only to find it's completely overrun by another alliance. Then I have to leave and try another.
  • Ackwalan
    You're a little late, that post is 5 years old.
  • Sporigudinai
    hahahaha he went deep in the forum
    Sir Eizenheim - DC Sotha
    Sporigudunai - DC Kyne
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